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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

50 DAYS TO GO?!?!

*This post was originally about nothing in particular, now it's turned into nothing in particular plus David Tennant and Matt Smith. I think it's an improvement. It's pretty much all over the place because I found gifs I enjoyed and then tried to find a way to shove them into the post. 


How I surely look when I'm talking about the upcoming trip
I'm so excited that I could dance badly.  This is probably about as well as my dancing would be. I hope they don't expect us to wear silly sweaters over there.

I like to be organized, though if you look at my room or in my car, you wouldn't think so.

I like to be organized when it comes to going places or accomplishing tasks.

I like lists.

I like planners.

For this trip, I have both.

I literally have walking directions to each location we're going in Paris along with a packing list.

I know it's a bit much, having walking directions, but whatevs. ORGANIZATION FTW

If I had enough clothes to sustain me for these next 50 days, I would already be packed.
Although I could wear old clothes for the next month and a half...

On second thought,

I'm kind of afraid that my lists will fail me though. 

In New York, we had lists galore and they were great, but my mom made them. This time, I have to delve into what I know and make my own lists.

I'm afraid that when I get there, I'll find out that even though the lists make it sound so simple, it's really not.

If my lists don't work

In my ideal world, the whole trip will be a breath of fresh air (plus all the pollution they have in London, so not really a breath of fresh air.)

If my lists do work 
 I do have someone to blame if the lists don't work.

Always blame Moffat.

Anyways, back to the point.

I think my lists will work.

I know I'll have a great trip.

I wish it wasn't 50 days away.

Pretty sure this is what I'll look like when I step out of the airport.

Well then...I guess that's all.

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