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Saturday, May 4, 2013

All About the Doctor

Well, while I'm overseas, I will be going to Cardiff. As everyone should know, that is where Doctor Who is filmed. The only bigger Doctor Who fan than me is Patricia, over at Allons-y.
The following six locations are Doctor Who filming locations in or around Cardiff that I want to see.

In honor of 60 days left:

6. Paget Street

On this street, is the lovely church from the Doctor Who episode Father's Day. This episode featured Christopher Eccleson as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose. 

The church isn't too far of a walk from the other locations I want to see. It's a functioning church called St Pauls Church, so I don't believe we can go inside unless it's a service day and we won't be in Cardiff on a Sunday, I don't think.

5. Warton Street 

Warton Street has been used for many episodes of Doctor Who, including the Christmas special that is being filmed in the photo. Donna ran down the street in her wedding dress. Rose ran down the street after the department store explosion. I'd just like to walk down the street.

4. St. Fagans National History Museum

St. Fagans was used in Family of Blood and it's second half with David Tennant, or should I say John Smith? 

The museum is an outdoor museum designed to be similar to a Welsh village. You walk outside to old houses. It's about an hour away from Cardiff, so I won't go there.

3. Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle was used in The Rebel Flesh and it's second half with The Doctor, Amy and Rory. The corridors were used in filming as well as outside. 

It's pretty much next door to where we want to go, so it's a definite! 

2. Roald Dahl Plass

This location was used in many episodes. The ones I remember most are Vincent and the Doctor and The Last of the Time Lords. The centre was used as a stand in for Musee d'Orsay in Vincent and the Doctor and in The Last of the Time Lords, is where Captain Jack told The Doctor and Martha that he is the Face of Boe.

Free admission!

1. Senedd

Used in The Lazarus Experiment with The Doctor and Martha, Senedd is another place I'd like to go. Right below the platform in the middle is where the machine was set up for the experiment. It's the lobby, so free entrance! The Senedd is the home of the Welsh National Assembly.

Who says you need to pay £30 for an official tour? I think I found PLENTY of locations for us to see in Cardiff without having to pay to see them. 

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