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Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm home :(

At five am, the group gathered outside of the dorms. We were supposed to leave at 5:30. The buses showed up at 6. Since central London was shut down for a bike tour, time was really short. The plane was set to leave at 9:30 and it was an hour bus ride to the airport. We made it though!!

The group waiting. 

My seat was in the main cabin extra. It was kind of a gold economy section. There were thirty of us in there and we got more leg room and recline. We also all talked to each other a bit more than we would have if it would have been economy. 

On the nine hour plane ride, I watched six Doctor Who episodes, The King's Speech, and an episode of Big Bang Theory. I didn't sleep!! But I was one of the few who slept last night. 


Since I was seated at the front of the plane, I deplaned firstish. I was the first of our group by about ten to get in the customs line. After the next person, there was a huge gap until the next. 

The airport process went fast, but since I was first, I didn't get to say bye to anyone after. 

When I reunited with my family, we went to Saltgrass for meat and sweet potato fries. 

And apparently bread. Bad dad!

Now, things I learned in London:

1: Look right. 
2: Remember how much your meal was when you're with a group. 
3: Always leave a half hour earlier than you need to. 
4. Banoffee pie is delish. 
5. Gluten makes me go to sleep. 
6. No one really asks where you're from.
7. Sometimes it's easier to take the bus. 
8. Don't plan on doing something less than an hour after finishing another activity. 
9. Bacon takes a long time to cook.
10. Pounds get heavy fast. 
11. Trains only go about as fast as cars. 
12. Don't plan, just do. 
13. The longer you're there, the more risks you take on crosswalks
14. Zebra Crosswalks are pretty cool.
15. Kangaroo is zingy. 

Now that I'm home, I won't post as much. I do have some more exciting things going on this summer trip wise, so I'll post then. We'll see. 

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