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Friday, November 29, 2013

Literary Art Day

edit: I know I spelt "remember" wrong in my painting. I've fixed it now.

The day after Thankgiving is traditionally a boring day at my house. After we all band together to transport boxes from the attic to downstairs, we do nothing while my mom begins the Christmas decorating process.

We decided that would change today.

Firstly, my mom decided that she would clean out the attic after getting all of the boxes down. During that, she found me a few new toys.

This is a toy that my great-grandpa got for my mother. It's a little wooden outhouse bank. You load up a mousetrap inside and then put it together carefully. If you aren't careful, it falls and then the mousetraps pops and almost cuts off your finger. After that, you get a friend to drop in a quarter. It sets off the trap and they scream.
This is a salt and pepper shaker from the 50s. My mema and papa are in that picture.
When you turn the dial, out pop the shakers!
Secondly, my sister and I created a new holiday. The day after Thanksgiving is now Literary Art Day.

Last week, I created this:

My sister was supposed to paint with me, but I got home before she did and was bored, so I forgot about her. Today, we painted together.

My work-in-progress
I was worried about the blending of the black and red at first, but I think it worked. It looks better in the finished product. I promise I am not a Coyote!! :)

Kacie's work-in-progress
Kacie fretted for an hour over how to write her words. She couldn't decide what to do in cursive and what to capitalize. In the end, she wrote it all in lowercase except for a few words.

She chose a quote from John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars"
I chose a quote from Erin Morgenstern's "The Night Circus." I messed up on the "e" and had to paint over it. 
Kacie's art
My finished project 

All three of the quote painting things I've done. 
The hard part about this quote was that I didn't follow one that had been done already. The other two paintings had been created by others and posted online. I just copied them. This one, for myself and Kacie, were blank slates. The lines at the top are supposed to be kind of like the circus tent.

One hour after finishing and taking all of the photos, I was uploading the picture to Tumblr. I realized I spelt a word wrong.

I rushed into the kitchen and painted over the egregious error.
I think aesthetically, it looked better before I fixed it. I had to though. I couldn't leave an error like that.
Thirdly, after we painted, we succumbed to the Christmas spirit and decorated our trees.

Kacie's belongs in a Dr. Seuss book.
Here's my little Christmas display!

Happy Literary Art Day!!

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