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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

I went to a Christmas party a few days before Christmas. At this point, I was 99% sure I was getting a record player, in fact, I had already ordered a few myself. I had Michael Martin Murphey and a few Elvis records. At this party, I took part in a White Elephant gift exchange. I stole three records from someone that didn't even have a player! Though at the time, neither did I.

My bounty- West Side Story, Fire Goddess, and Funny Girl
On the day after the party, it was baking day for Christmas Eve and day. I got a recipe from friend Margaret for peppermint bark. The first try, I neglected to put vegetable oil in with the white chocolate chips, so instead of melting, they got hard. I fixed it the second time.

After a messy first batch, we realized we could put the mints in the blender for a more efficient and less messy smushing
We then had so much dust left over that my sister and I had to run to Hobby Lobby for a jar and some ribbon.

I told them when I eventually move out, I'm taking my peppermint dust jar with me

Merry Christmas Eve!
On Christmas Eve, I got an awful lot of vintage stuff. I got two new dishes and a Dutch Oven (this was new.) I also got a cake breaker and a tea spoon thingy that looks like a medieval torture device. The highlight was a huge, heavy box that was unexpected filled with records. They all belonged to my Numa and most were in pristine condition.

There was a Nat King Cole St. Louis Blues and an Ella Fitzgerald and a lot of 50's dance music.

On Christmas morning, it was finally time to see if I was actually getting a record player or not.

I got one!
During the opening, we listened to the Nat King Cole Christmas album, Michael Martin Murphey, Frank Sinatra, and Doctor Who.

I also got new lifting shoes, but those aren't as cool as the record player
I forgot I had got my sisters to get my the Murray Gold first two seasons of Doctor Who records until I opened that. 

The first two seasons of Doctor Who music on vinyl
Broadway shows and people I've heard of 
Everyone else
All in all, I got 70 records over the course of two days. I have a few coming in the mail that I'm excited for too. I've been listening all day!

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