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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm addicted to eBay

For Christmas, I got a record player. Along with it, I got about 50 records from my grandpa and one from my sisters. Since then, I have doubled my collection. I now have 117 records, though have aren't  my style.

I only have a few that I listen too all the time, but I do try to play a new one every few days.

I started with just browsing eBay, to see what they had. Then I bought a lot of 19. And then a lot of 15. And then 5. And then I started checking the auctions. I have nine somewhere along the postal system right now.

One of my favorites from my Numa is Jimmy Dorsey's Greatest Hits.
One of the smaller lots I bought.
With the five albums above, I got to choose what I wanted. There was a list of about 50 and I picked five and got them. They're all great.

My dad insisted on me having the three Mike Williams albums. He was a singer from Austin who could come play at MSU in the 70s. He actually stayed at my grandparents' house once. His records are always on repeat at my house.

This is actually the first record I bought, before I even knew if I was getting a record player.
When I was a kid, Michael Martin Murphey played at the Wichita Theatre every Christmas and we went. Wildfire and Geronimo's Cadillac and Fiddlin' Man are the best songs ever and this record has them all. We have a Christmas ornament that he signed years back.

This I got from my sisters. It was $50 and I told them it was the only thing I wanted from them. They split the cost.
I actually had forgotten about all of the not so subtle hints I had dropped about the Doctor Who record that I wanted. When I opened it, I had no clue what it was. It's great.

I used to watch Shirley Temple movies on VHS with my Nan all the time.
I love this.

A small selection of the musicals I have
I couldn't take a picture of every musical I own on vinyl, so here are the ones I keep on my special
shelf. You can see that Carousel is out of order.

Another 50 records are in one of my dresser cabinets.
The records in here are ones that I listen to on occasion, but not as much as the shelf records. I also have a box under my bed with 50 of the records from the 50s that I probably won't listen to.

The nine I have in the mail now are mostly 45s. I have a Beatles album too, but most are Lou Monte children's 45s. Because I bought those, I obviously had to get a rack for them...I bid on one that came with a Beatles 45, but I was severely outbid, so I found another and bought it.

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