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Monday, April 28, 2014

Road trip to Edmond

Selfie with the giant cross!
Flashback: Last year, I went to LifeChurch OKC with my fellow youth leaders at church. We were going on a field trip to see how a different youth group operates. It was a wonderful trip and when we got home, I "liked" the church on Facebook.

Flashforward: I logged on to Facebook last week and lo and behold, I see a post from LifeChurch. It's inviting people to go attend a live sermon taping of Judah Smith.

Now, about Judah Smith. I heard him first in London at Hillsong Church. I also heard him at Hillsong Conf. Then I heard him at PassionConf Houston. I shared the post and asked if anyone wanted to road trip.

SOMEONE DID. My friend Cici, who I went to PassionConf with, said she'd go with. The next day, another girl had joined our merry little band.

So on Monday morning, I went to classes. Monday afternoon, we offed to Edmond. The event started at 4, but we had to get there at 3:30 to get seated. We ended up getting there around 3 and drove around the campus lost for a bit. When we headed inside, we got pointed to Studio B and found some seats.

Super nice!

Until Sunday morning, I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know how many people would be there, what the room would look like, anything. Then on Sunday morning at youth, we watched a Switch video, which is LifeChurch's youth group. The video was filmed in the room above and it was of Hillsong New York's pastor. It was really neat being in the same room. And who knows, in August, the youth group might be watching the video of Judah Smith and I can say "Listen! You can hear me clapping!!"

About 15 til, they did a small worship set and Craig Groeschel came out and talked for a bit. He had us all stand and welcome Judah Smith, but then told us he was going to welcome him again and for us not to stand this time. Since they were filming, we had to do some things twice.

After his first message, both Judah and Craig changed shirts because "it's a different week."

Judah talked about the same basic thing both times.

Sermon one was about God's love for us being not phileo love, but agape love. Sermon two was about how God does everything because HE loves US. Not because WE love HIM. It wasn't "For the world so loved God...." but instead "For God so loved the world..."

Kevin Durant was there listening, but I didn't know it was him.

Transcript chronicling how I found out it was Kevin Durant

After it was over, we headed home after stopping to get a quick bite to eat. I'll definitely go to another sermon taping at LifeChurch!!

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