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Monday, April 29, 2013

Garage Sale'in it up

Over the weekend, I helped with a church garage sale. Most of my finds I bought early. Since I helped price throughout last week, I was able to claim things early. I only spend $10 total, which I think is pretty good for a garage sale, but I don't really know.

I only made this photo this big so you can read the date on the paper. Clear as day, it says 1960. On the back, it was used as a score sheet. I could be wrong, but I think this is a REALLY old set of dominos. I keep trying to get my dad to play Chickenfoot with me, but he won't. I think he knows I would win. 

Now, I have a hope chest filled with Pyrex and a set of dishes and a set of steak knives and various other kitcheny items. I found this super cute mini cutting board for only a quarter! The little silver cups were $0.50 each and I only bought them because they didn't have change and all I had was a $10 bill. The spoon, just as I thought when I bought it, is perfect for dishing out spaghetti. I don't know if it's real silver, but it's heavy! I also bought a cookbook, but that was just to hit $10 even.

I think this is the best find. At Christmas Magic last year, they sold for $20. There were four at the garage sale for 50 cents each. It's a grater. You great garlic or cheese on it and it keeps the juice with it so you don't lose flavor.

Now this little guy has an interesting story. 

He's a piggy (monkey?) bank. I had been eyeing it all week as I was helping prep for the sale. Everyone else was eyeing it too, but for a different reason than myself. I liked it. They didn't. They made a joke out of it. One of the ladies helping had been assigned to sell this. Her husband had to sell a tacky fur. Neither of them expected to sell their items. 

I decided that if at the end of the sale, if this monkey was still there, I would buy it. I had kind of wanted it, but not enough to spend 50 cents on it. I figured if it didn't sell, it was a sign that it was meant for me. 

I was telling that to my mom when a customer overheard me. He looked at the monkey, picked it up, and bought it. I laughed because I thought he was buying it just because I wanted it. I figured I wasn't meant to have it. 

But wait. 

Next thing I know, he handed it to me. I got my monkey and my mom told the story to everyone who walked in.

Now, I know this wasn't about London AT ALL, but if it helps make it fit in, I'll take my dominos to London and play Chickenfoot on the plane.

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