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Sunday, June 23, 2013

1 year and 10 days

The title of this could be a tad misleading. It is not something that is in 1 year and 10 days or something that was 1 year and 10 days ago. It is two separate things.

First off, 1 year ago today I had my last recreational soda. I say recreational because I have one exception where I would still drink it.

I remember it well.

...Ever since that New Year's, I had been trying to stop soda. I could count the amount I had on one hand. The anniversary would have been last week, but this event spoilt it. I was on my way home from a church camp in Florida. It was probably around 10 at night and we were stopping for dinner. I hadn't had a soda all week long at that camp and I certainly wasn't planning on having one then.
A drink came with my food and I had every intention of filling it with water. The machine was broken. I got Sprite. I drank maybe a centimeter of it. June 23 was my last soda...

Now, I mentioned an exception. If I'm sick, I will drink Sprite. In November, I took medicine on an empty stomach. I needed Sprite. I could hardly stomach it, but it worked.

Now for 10 days.

There are only 10 days until I board a plane to London.

9 days until Justin Bieber, but I don't really care about him. I almost would prefer to stay home and do one last yoga session! Anything is better than Justin Bieber. I like the Jonas Brothers better :)

10 days!

I ought to start packing...I know what clothes I'm taking, so that's a start. I went shopping with my mom the other day and bought some skirts and blouses and shrugs, so now I can change up my outfits more. Yay for clothes! I still need to decide what shoes are coming things like that.

I'm freaking out because I haven't heard anything from my professor about what I need to wear/bring. I don't know if all of our outings will be business professional or if I can wear jeans and a top.

This is me before two separate dances. The left was three months ago, right before I started working out. The right was three nights ago. The dress on the right is coming with me to London to wear to the theatre and other fancy dress needing places. I can also wear it to funerals and graduations.


  1. Congrats on all your goals Jordan! I am seriously thinking of giving up soda again. Have a blast in London, Don't forget your secret tasks!

    1. I had been trying to quit for a few months before I actually did. Casablanca parties actually wrecked my no soda streak a few times!

      I'd better not get arrested!! :)