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Monday, June 3, 2013

So much to do, so little time

There are only 30 days left until I leave! That sounds like enough time to get things done, right? You'd think so.

Seven of those days, though, I'll be in Arlington on a mission trip where I get to attend a Hillsong United concert.

Five of those evenings I'll be at the Wichita Theatre helping out with Wizard of Oz.

One of those days I'll be at a Justin Bieber concert in Dallas.

Another one of those days I'll be assisting with a dance.

(I'm already down to 16 days left of actual planning time.)

Oooh, I think I'll figure this in hours.

720 hours until I leave. (This isn't 100% accurate because the plane doesn't leave at midnight and so forth and so on, but pretend it does.)

168 hours are on a mission trip.

I'll spend approximately four hours an evening at the theatre for five nights equaling 20 hours there.

I figure the concert will take around 8 hours with driving and eating dinner as well as the concert itself.

The dance itself is 4 hours and I expect to spend at least 2 hours helping with decorating.

Oh, and you can't forget Crossfit every morning. That is around 45 minutes each day, six days a week. I have 21 more left until I leave, totaling 63 hours.

I also spend 3 hours at church on Sundays and 2 on Wednesdays. I have 3 Sundays left and 2 Wednesdays left. I will spend 13 hours at church.

You can't forget sleeping! I usually get between 8 and 9 hours of sleep, but for this, we'll go with 8. I am leaving out the mission trip since those hours are counted there. I have 23 days to sleep. That's around 184 hours in sleeping.

Now, subtract all of those numbers and you end up with 256 hours of unfilled time until I go to London.

All together, that's almost 11 days of completely open time. Not too far off from my original 16 days of time!

In those 256 hours of unfilled time, I have to:

  • Pack for the mission trip
  • Unpack from the mission trip
  • Work at my dad's office
  • Take showers
  • Bake cookies for the dance
  • Paint things at the theatre
  • Potentially have a going away party
  • Reddit/Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook
  • Make fancy lists for Paris and Manchester and Cardiff
  • Pack for London
  • Drive to the airport

Can I do it?


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