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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 10: Back to London and Hillsong Church

Today, we headed back to London. Our train left at 8:31, so we were going to leave the hotel at 7. But wait! We discovered that on the weekends, breakfast isn't served at the hotel until 7:30, so we decided to leave at 6:45 instead, to find food on the way at Gare du Nord station. After what seemed like forever, we walked into the train station at 7:30. I pull out my paper to see if it has a platform number, and it didn't, but what I did see was a train that left at 8:13, not 8:31. Not quite panicking yet, we picked up the pace skipping breakfast and heading to the checkin line. We got a stamp on our form that said "Boarding not guaranteed" because it was less than 30 minutes until take off. Starting to panic, we rush to the border control. The line is taking forever and soon we only have ten minutes left. Everyone is taking at least five minutes and we're two people away. The guy calls us forward and two minutes later, we're running to the train. We made it, but literally as soon as I sit down, the doors slide closed.

Anyways, after that excitement, I'm not sitting safely back in my dorm room laughing about how we almost missed our train.

Most of today, I just relaxed in the dorm room. I eventually journeyed to Sainsbury's, a grocery store a mile down the road. I bought turkey and lettuce to make wraps and I got bacon and eggs. I also got other stuff, but that's not important like the bacon.

This was lunch!
Around 4:30, I headed to Tottenham Road Station to visit the Dominion Theatre. On week days, the theatre is home to the London exclusive "We Will Rock You." On Sundays, the theatre is the home of Hillsong London. A few weeks ago I saw Hillsong United in concert, so going to the church is something I desperately wanted to do.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived. I went alone. I exited the tube station and it was right in front of me. You couldn't miss it.

I walked in around 5, an hour early. The inside was empty, so I just stood around awkwardly.
One host noticed and asked if I was new. She showed me around and talked to me for a bit until she had to get back to her job. Another person talked to me after that. Then another person. The last person introduced me to two girls so I would have someone to sit with during service. I was supposed to give one my number so I could sit with her again next week, but with a full theatre leaving at the same time, she was hard to find.

It's about to start! 
This entire foyer was full after the service ended. SO MANY PEOPLE.
I was super bummed that I couldn't go to this entire conference because of classes, so when one of the greeters mentioned they added night sessions, I snatched up a card. I am currently having problems buying the tickets, but I WILL be there! Especially for the Louie Giglio night!
I will be going back to the church for the next two Sundays and when my mom and I visit London someday, we'll go then too!

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