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Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 18: Hospitals, Harrods, Museums, AND a Royal Baby?!

Today was supposed to be a boring day. I was going to go to Harrods and the History Museum. I woke up early, though, and decided to be spontaneous.

I decided to go to St. Mary's Hospital once I saw that Duchess Kate Middleton had been admitted. I had a better picture of all the reporters, but I deleted it on accident.
After the hospital, I was going to try to catch the Changing of the Guards, but I didn't have time and just ended up in a big crowd outside of the palace.

I ended up just taking a picture of people and started the walk to Harrods.

I passed a Ferrari shop
And a Lacoste
Then I arrived
I was actually going to buy some shorts if I could find them, but for real, there was no normal clothes section. Even the bathrooms were called "luxury." It was all so expensive!

A Princess Diana memorial in Harrods 

I did buy some truffles :)
After finishing in Harrods, I continued the walk to the Natural History Museum where I ate lunch while waiting for Patricia.
Some broccoli and cauliflower soup. It was good, I guess.
Then the adventure started!

Uh oh
A horned cyclops 
That's an ostrich
I think I had a dodo confused with a kiwi

All of these people were crowded around a grate on the ground blowing out cool air. The British people don't believe in air conditioning and this is their hottest summer in years. 

How much blood the human body typically contains
What a human would look like based on motor only

I left the museum early because I started feeling icky. A thirty minute tube ride during rush hour didn't help, but when I got back to the dorms, I felt better. I was planning on doing nothing the rest of the night. I took a shower and was going to go to sleep early.

Then Kate had her baby.

I got up, got dressed, and headed out.

Crowd doesn't look too bad, eh?
Haha, no
I couldn't read it, but there it is!
The blurry of this picture is perfect for the atmosphere. Everyone pushing and showing to the front, but being nice about it. That guy is smiling. Everyone was excited and wanted to be a part of the historical moment.
It was a really small easel 
Every ten minutes or so, a police officer would move the easel to the other side. It helped with crowd control.
Pretty at night
I left right before it should have been moved back to me. It was getting late though and I wasn't looking forward to walking back to the station alone. I was there and that was enough for me. I made it to the front row and everything. It was definitely an experience.

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