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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The fair is in town!

Several times a year, the carnival sets up shop in the mall parking lot. Once a year, the fair comes to town. The fair is cooler because instead of just rides, the MPEC exhibit hall is full of local booths and stuff. I'll look at all of that on Saturday when I go to watch my sisters dance.

Tonight was wristband night, so a group of friends mostly from West Side Story (Hannah, Bonnie, Mickey, Patricia, Margaret, Caitlyn, and Jacob) and I went were able to ride everything without tickets.

Once we finally made it to the midway, (several friends had to stop and enter a car contest) we were distracted by black bears.

When I was finally able to drag the gang away from the bears, we hit the traditional (for me) first ride, The Spider.

Believe it or not, Margaret had never ever been to a fair or carnival before!

After The Spider, we rode the ride that looks really boring, but is actually terrible.

Don't ride this ride with someone you aren't close to.
He showed up late with a full stomach, so he held our stuff. Thanks mom!

We were going to ride the YOYO next, but didn't. We did get a group picture though!

We rode the Ferris Wheel instead. I was with Bonnie, Hannah, and Jacob. Not really important, but kind of. We got around once as they filled it, but then we got to the bottom and made us get off. "One side was heavier than the other and the wheel wouldn't ride that way." That makes you feel safe!

Us that were kicked off rode the YOYO while we waited for the Ferris Wheel. We got to watch the bear show! It was so adorable. They had little chairs they sat in and they walked on a barrel and they climbed a dog agility ramp and there was a baby bear!

Our only view from the top.
We decided to hit the big rides next. Margaret's goal was the Fire Ball. It's that circle in the picture above. Instead we rode the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Her first time!
We got the slow pod...
After the Tilt-A-Whirl and some others and some talking and walking and fun having, we split for what became the last ride. Bonnie, Jacob, Hannah, Margaret and myself rode the rocket ride that looks like the Dumbo ride from Disney, but it isn't.

Too much for them
That ride was awful. I mean, it was fun, but it was awful awful awful.

After that, we all (minus myself) got our funnel cakes and it was time to leave. We went and sat at Sonic for a couple hours and shut the place down.

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