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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pyrex Surprise

So, last week, I won an eBay auction for the set of Primary refrigerator Pyrex dishes. I was under the impression that I would get one lidless yellow dish, a blue lidded dish, and two red dishes with lids.

It was supposed to arrive yesterday, but it didn't.

I woke up today not even thinking about it. I went to the box and worked out and then headed to my church where the youth group was working outside for Teens Make a Difference Day. After that, I headed to the Boy's and Girl's Club to see IronE Singleton (aka T-Dog from The Walking Dead) speak.

When I got back home, I subconsciously peeked out the front door to see if my package was on the porch. It wasn't. It was on my bed.

I took it into the kitchen because the box seemed to need heavy duty tools to open it and I don't keep that stuff in my room.
It was double boxed and each item had terribly sticky saran wrap around it. It literally took me an hour to unwrap every piece. 
Voila! Aren't they beautiful?
I opened each item one by one and slowly noticed there was more than I had thought there would be. Instead of one lidless yellow dish, I got two AND one had a lid. I also got four red lidded dishes instead of just two.

I rewrapped them and put them back in the box because I have no where to put them now. I don't really want to use them as refrigerator dishes because while I trust myself with them, I don't trust my family. Plus, if one breaks, I'd rather be the one that broke it.

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