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Thursday, October 17, 2013

What Would I Pick?

If there was a fire and you only had time to grab four items, what would you grab and why?

I know it's usually three items, but let's say the fire started in the furthest room from mine...

In no order:

1. Matthew Lewis and Dame Maggie Smith frames
I count these as one item because A) they're right next to each other on my wall, and B) they can be lumped under "autographs."

He also sent a professional photo signed, but I sent these two.
These two homemade pictures frames aren't a big deal, but what's inside them is nearly irreplaceable. Last year, I mailed off several fan letters to some actors and actresses. I got several back, but all except for Matthew Lewis and Dame Maggie Smith were autopenned.

Opening this was the best day of my life.
I figure if they could take the time to hand sign a notecard, I can take the time to grab their frames in a fire!

Last year, I was obsessed with Matthew Lewis. He played Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter. I'm still vying for a tweet from him. Dame Maggie Smith is also fabulous. She is so sassy. I wish she was one of my grandmas. Plus, they're both British and I like all things British.

Note: Michael Gambon, David Tennant, and Matt Smith still have yet to respond. There's still hope, folks.

2. My recipe box
Six months ago, I wouldn't include my recipe box on this. It was filled with mainly generic recipes that anyone could make. Everything changed when I went Paleo.

I bought this beauty on Etsy. I try to stay off of that site because I would probably buy it all if I could.
The labels are the generic "Appetizer," "Soups & Salads," "Entrees," etc.
I can't make anything without consulting my box first. The Bread category is the biggest. I just now moved everything with Gluten to it. I don't want to see a recipe for Cookie Brownies while looking for the Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie card!

My favorite recipe is this tasty chocolate cake:

3. CrossFit London shirt
I knew I wanted something from London for one of my items and debated grabbing my shirt or a pillow I bought at Primark's. It was a really hard decision, but I wanted something that people could see. I don't think people will come to my house often enough for the pillow to be a conversation starter. Plus, I'm sure I could order another pillow online. The CrossFit that I got the shirt from doesn't ship.

Not the shirt, but the place where I got the shirt! 
Besides, I need something to wear when I return to Europe to signify that I've been there before and am not just a dumb tourist.

4. Pyrex Cinderella Dishes

I got these for Christmas two years ago.
It definitely wouldn't be easy to get these out, but I'd sure try. I use these all the time when I'm cooking. I take them to fancy Pyrex-only parties too. I have other dishes, but I like these the most. They're from the 1960's, I believe.

Now, if there were an actual fire, I can't guarantee that I'd grab any of this. I'd probably actually grab my phone and computer, make sure I had on shoes, and run out the door hoping my room survives.

What four items would you take during a fire?

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