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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All about HISTORY

I can't remember if I said anything about what class I'm taking in London, but if I haven't, it's WWII History. So obviously I quite enjoy history. In this post, I will talk about the top 7 historical places I want to see.

In honor of 70 days left:

7. Winston Churchill's Underground Bunkers

I will get to go to the bunkers as part of my class, so that's really exciting. I'll get to see more of them then I would otherwise.

I really like the bunkers for one reason only, other than the fact that they're historical.

The Doctor went there. He's met Winston Churchill several times and one time he went and encountered a Dalek. It was a great episode and now I'll get to go there and see the stuff! I doubt the Dalek will still be there, but one can hope.    

6. Benjamin Franklin's London House

Now, I didn't know that Ben Franklin ever lived in London, but apparently he did.

Tenish years ago, they found bodies under the house, so that's pretty cool.

They do historical reenactments there on the weekends, so it would be really neat to see.

5. London Zoo

I love zoos. I like monkeys, and lions, and tigers, and bears and more. I can't go somewhere with a zoo without going there. I went to the Central Park Zoo for only thirty minutes because I had to go!

4. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

What would be cooler than going to the Globe Theatre? While I'm there, Midsummer's Night Dream will be playing as well as Macbeth, but I'm already seeing Macbeth. I would love to see Midsummer's Night Dream at the Globe Theatre. 

It looks like 700 tickets are sold as standing for each show. In the photo, the standing tickets are where the people are standing. They're sold for £5 each. That's pretty cheap for live theatre. It's settled. I'm going.

3. Westminster Abbey

Beautiful! I'll be in London around the time Princess Kate is due to give birth, so why not go where she got married!

Parts of the Abbey are free to visit, but others you have to pay to see, so I might just take a picture of  the outside.

2. Cardiff Castle

The Doctor Who episodes "The Rebel Flesh" and it's buddy (it was a two parter) were filmed here. It's pretty cheap to visit and it's beautiful. It's right next to the Doctor Who Experience.

It was built in the late 11th century and had air-rade shelters installed during the war. It can hold 1800 people, apparently.

1. Highclere Castle

I've talked about this place quite a bit, but it's still my favorite historical place I'm visiting.

Though I won't be seeing the Egyptian exhibit, it's still fascinating. The 5th Earl was the sponsor of Thebes tombs in 1907 and also was a part of the team that discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922. A lot of the artifacts found are shown in the castle now.

Queen Elizabeth II visited often before she died and now I'm going to visit!

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