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Sunday, February 3, 2013

150 days and exciting news!!

This will be a short, exciting, unexpected, and uncommon (until it's closer) post.

Two of my friends are going with to London!!!!

One LOVES Doctor Who just as much as I do, so I will have a Cardiff buddy. She's also a Downton Abbey fan, so she'll go to Highclere with me too. We also want to go to Paris and Ireland and Scotland and The Electric, whatever it is. We're actually going to get a master schedule and try to plan our weekends as much as possible. Cardiff on a Saturday, Highclere on a Sunday, shows in the evenings. We are supposed to collect gravel from the Highclere driveway, even though it's probably illegal. Some will get stuck in my shoes, so the person who requested it will get at least four pieces.

The other kind of likes Doctor Who, so she might go with to Cardiff. She likes Harry Potter though, so we're hopefully going on a Harry Potter tour! King's Cross Station, the dementor bridge, maybe even Oxford!

I don't need to make friends while I'm there. I have them going with!

I hope they get along. It would be awkward if they ended up hating each other.

I mean, it's not like we're going to London to study abroad or anything.


  1. I'm counting on you to keep your Dr. Who friend out of trouble... and also get me a hand full of Highclear gravel!

    1. I take no responsibility if she runs away from me!