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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why I (think) I Like the UK

Since I haven't actually been to the UK yet, this list might not be accurate come August.

This is the top 10 things I think I like about the UK.

10. The architecture

Every city there is so much incredibly older than even the oldest city in America. I love the old gothic looking churches and houses. I love the steeples and arches and stained glass windows. The gargoyles scare me a bit, but I love them too. 

Not only is there an insane about of beautiful, old buildings, but right next to them are these incredible, modern buildings. Just looking at that picture makes me feel like I'm in the past and the future at the same time. Oooooh, timey wimey.

9. Food

Though I have never had real fish and chips, I have had Applebee's version. Nothing is better than some fried fish to go with your fries! After looking at pictures of British food, I think this is the only type I like though. Still number 9.

8. Free museums

Nearly every museum in London is FREE. If you know me, then you know that I absolutely LOVE museums. I do dislike art museums though. History museums are where it's at. I want to go to the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum at the least. I could spend all day wandering around those places, but stick me in the Guggenheim and I'm fast asleep.

7. The theatre

So, SPAMALOT does not run in America. It used to be in Las Vegas, but it closed two years before my parents took my sisters and I for a family vacation. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Monty Python, so I will definitely be seeing this show. 

I also wouldn't mind seeing Les Miserables or Book of Mormon, if it's playing. I promised my friend Wicked though and being in London for a month, I think we'll both have limited budgets. This won't be a show-a-night trip like New York with my mom was. 

6. The accents

You can't tell me that you like his American accent better than his Scottish. That's all I have to say on this subject. 

5. The Royal Family

I don't know about you, but secretly, I always wanted to marry a prince. Based on every Disney movie ever made, I knew that would never happen. None of them have ever married an American. Princes only marry people from their country. Also, I can never get a birthday card from the Queen because I'm not British. 

I just think the Royal Family is the coolest thing ever. 

4. Proximities

Look at all of those places I'm going to be so close to! France is a two hour train ride away. Wales is closer. I could go to Germany if I wanted to. IN ONE DAY. After a nine hour flight, nothing is more than three hours away.

3. One Direction

So, I honestly prefer the Jonas Brothers, but 1D is from the UK! Their songs are just so darn catchy and I'm sure that they're like the Justin Bieber of England, but I like them. Maybe I'll meet them. Doubt it.

2. TV

Two of my favorite Doctor Who moments EVER. If you don't watch this show, start. Now. It's on Netflix. British TV is the best. There are no good American shows left that you just watch. It's all reality unless it's a crime show. 

Downton Abbey is also the best! Dame Maggie Smith is perfect. I have her autograph. She said "Best Wishes Jordan."

Watch this show. But watch Doctor Who first.

1. Better celebrities

How often do famous people do serious interviews with each other? Never! Unless they're these people. 

American celebrities don't fangirl over other celebrities like British ones do. 

I prefer Craig Ferguson interviews over anyone else because they're so much more fun.

The end.

P.S. If you can't tell, I like love Doctor Who.



  1. I may or may not prefer John Barrowman's American accent but think his Scottish accent is terribly quaint...