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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Top 10 List

Firstly, 137 days left!

I like lists. This list is going to be the top 10 things I desperately want to do while I'm overseas.

Number 10
Take the cliche photo in front of the phone booth

I just don't know if it would be possible to go to London without taking one of those pictures where you're halfway hanging out of the booth. I have to take one.

Number 9
Ride a double decker bus

I have had plenty of chances to ride one of these in New York and other places, but it's not a "real" double decker bus unless I'm in London.

Number 8
Go to King's Cross Station

Everyone knew I would go here. There was no doubt about it. Having loved Harry Potter since 1st grade, I have no choice but to go here. I will take a picture with myself and the trolley and it will be my Facebook profile picture for a long time.

Number 7
Visit Abbey Road

I'll admit, while I like The Beatles, I never really wanted to go to Abbey Road until I realized it is in London. I figure we might as well! I'll probably never go there again so I need to see it all.

Number 6
Pass my class

Because if I don't, I just wasted an awful lot of money...

Number 5
Go to Cardiff

I don't want to go to Cardiff just because it's pretty. I'm afraid I have ulterior motives.  It's where the Doctor Who Experience is. I really just want a glimpse of Alex Kingston or Matt Smith.

Number 4
Go to Paris

I think I am going to Paris. My and my friend are planning on going there during the mini-break. I'm nervous because I've never traveled alone. Just going to London doesn't scare me, but leaving London once I'm there kind of does.

Number 3
Explore foods

If you know me, then you know that I am a huge picky eater. I eat chicken and french fries no matter where I am. Though I won't be eating liver or any of the fancy pudding, I want to try some new stuff while I'm there.

Number 2
Become a subway expert

First off, I suppose I need to learn to call it "the tube" or "the underground." I got pretty good in NYC, so I hope it's as easy. I don't like lots of people, so it won't be fun learning how to maneuver public transportation.

Number 1

So much to do, so little time!


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