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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I don't like to shop, but whatevs

Yo, yo, yo

I should be doing homework right now instead of typing up a post that I'll probably be working on for an hour. Oh well.

I have really had the hardest time trying to figure out what to write about. I decided that I would research some stores I wanted to go to. Now, I suppose I should first say that I do not like shopping. I don't like clothes shopping, I don't like grocery shopping, I don't like electronics shopping. I just don't. With that out of the bag, I have found some stores that I don't think I'll mind going to.

They are going to be listed below, in no particular order. At the end, I will have a picture of London with lines all over it showing how far the places are from Queen Mary. It's more for me than for you so I can attempt to stay organised. Did you notice I used an "s" instead of a "z?" Hehehe.

A. Kristina's Records

I don't want to go here and buy anything so much as I want to say that I've been in a real record shop. The records on the site are things I've never heard of, so I don't think I'd get any anyways.

B. Hamleys

I forced my mom to take me to FAO Schwartz in NYC. There is no way I'm skipping a 250 year old toy shop. I bet there is a Harry Potter section.

*There is. There is also a Doctor Who section. I have a strong feeling I will return home with a sonic screwdriver...

C. Other Criteria

I'm not quite sure what to describe this place as, but it looks like it's a gift shop gone crazy. There are lots of skulls, which I'm not a fan of. But there are also some cool gifts and stuff. It's pretty close to B, so it wouldn't be a waste of a trip to go there.

D. Tatty Devine

This place looks like a hipster paradise, but I think I would wear some of the necklaces. The elephant necklace is adorable. It's near the school, so I will be going here for sure!

E. Daunt Books

If you know me, you know I love books. I love real books. I can't stand Kindles and iBooks. I want the smell of a novel. Daunt Books is an original Edwardian book shop. I don't know if I like the books they have, but I'll buy one just to say I did.

F. Lazy Oaf

Honestly, I probably wouldn't wear anything from here. The stuff just looks so cute though. There might be something I'd wear. Plus, I'll be in London. Maybe I'll WANT to wear a shirt with a burger on it.

G. Harrods

I went to Macy's, so I have to go to Harrods. I just love looking at those huge and old department stores that have stood the test of time.

H. Beyond Retro

I'm not much of a retro wearer, but this stuff looks awesome and it's pretty cheap. I WANT TO GO HERE. It's close to D and really close to the school, so I will try to find this place.

Harrods is the furthest away from the school at 6.4 miles. Beyond Retro is 1.6 miles and Tatty Devine is next door to it. We'll walk there. I won't walk to Harrods.

The big dot is approximately where the school is. The other dots are also approximate and the letters correspond with their letters above.

That's all. I'm going to spend the next few hours looking at what's for sale at Beyond Retro.


  1. Great selection of places! I have a feeling you will have to drag a certain travel companion out of "Forever Retro", I hope I get to see Harrods in my life time!

    1. I think my travel companion and myself have several of the same stores on our lists, unintentionally... I'm going to Beyond Retro!!